Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Help our heroes!

We need your help, not your money.
Volunteers are needed in each of the 435 congressional districts to help further this cause. Your political party affiliation doesn't matter, neither does your view regarding the war.

We have ONE MISSION: Support the families of our unsung heroes!

We must send a message to all politicians who don't agree with this important mission! And if need be, defeat them at the polls.

We all owe our freedom to our American heroes and this is the least we can do to show our appreciation to these soldiers and their families!

To volunteer to do your part, click "I'd like to help" on the right.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I couldn’t agree more with the points on your web site. When comparing the death benefits to other US public servants there is a tremendous gap.

Families of firefighters and other public-safety officers killed in the line of duty receive a payment from the federal government under the Public Safety Officers Benefits Act and the Hometown Heroes Survivors Benefits Act of $275,658 as of Oct. 1, 2004.

Likewise, police officers killed in the line of duty now receive a $250,000 payment from the federal government as part of the USA Patriot Act.

To think that when an American soldier dies in combat, his family only receives a $12,000 death benefit is unbelievable to me.
These are our sons and daughters that have risen to the calling to defend the freedom and the American way of life that we are all able to enjoy because of their sacrifice. Doesn’t it make sense to at least give them the same death benefits as police officers and firefighters?

I applaud you for not just thinking in terms of dollars for the death benefit but also considering the family that is left behind and the future of the soldiers who serve in combat by including the four of years college tuition in your plan.

Count me in!

Thu Mar 24, 08:43:00 AM CST  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I cannot believe that the death benefit for a soldier that dies in combat is only $12,000. I would think that most American would overwhelmingly support increasing this benefit. Americans are very generous people this generosity is apparent by the millions of dollars that Americans donated for tsunami relief over the past few months. With this being said how do you think they would feel about increasing the death benefit for the people that protect their freedom? If I were a congressman who opposed this type of legislation I would be very nervous come elections time because I cannot imagine that his/her constituency would be very kind to them next time around.

Sun Mar 27, 09:08:00 PM CST  

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