Monday, February 06, 2006

Common Sense Solutions (USA Today, Feb. 2)

Americans, are you stupid?

I don't think we are, but politicians, bureaucrats and the intelligent elite think so.

The solution to any problem in America is common sense, but politicians, bureaucrats and the intelligent elite have lost their common sense. Whether you are Republican, Democratic or Independent, you and all Americans want facts and solutions to problems. Here are some facts and solutions.

Our Heros: Military Men and Women
All U.S. Americans enjoy freedom and can have what we have because our fighting men and women made the ultimate sacrifice (their life). Do you know what a family receives from the government upon the death of a hero? $25,000. That, folks, is wrong. It is also wrong that families of men and women who get called up for duty in the National Guard lose income, and the way we treat veterans is insane.

So what should we do, since we are policemen of the world?
Step 1: We must see that every family who loses someone in the military receives at least a $250,000 death benefit.

Step 2: Anyone who serves in a combat area - or "harm's way" - will receive up to four years tuition at any public college. This includes all National Guard members.

Step 3: Since the government is basically broke and politicians are wasteful, we should set up a 5% Hero's Tax on all imports to raise money. This money will not go into the general fund. An independent agency with board of directors should be created, consisting of: 1) Retired Army Master Sergeant, 2) Retired Navy Boatswain's Mate, 3) Retired Joint Chairman of the Chiefs of Staff, 4) Retired Air Force 4-Star, 5) Retired Marine Master Sergeant, 6) Retired Navy Seal–non commissioned, 7) Retired Army Special Forces–non commissioned, 8) Retired Senator of Armed Services (appointed by the President) and 9) Retired Congressman of Armed Services (appointed by the President). This group would receive $100,000 annually for their service. They would hire the director of the agency and next level of management. Everyone working in the agency must have had military experience and it should be head quartered in St. Louis, Missouri.

The money from this tax could only be spent on benefits for military personnel - death benefits, education, injured veterans, etc. Get this done. Visit to see how you can help.

Did you know that 25% of Brazil's gasoline is ethyl alcohol? Ethyl alcohol costs $1.50 per gallon and is 133% octane. If your congressmen and senators mandated that same 25% use, gas prices would drop fast, plus improve air quality. Forget hybrids, folks. Unfortunately, farmers don't lobby as well as oil companies. What we really need is a federal law to make ethanol blended gas across the country.

Social Security
The chart below shows U.S. Government 2003 revenue, how much was received by Social Security and how much was paid out. What was once thought of as "the great trust fund" does not exist. Instead, it is how much you owe every American. That's right, each one of us.

The reason politicians do not want you to control part of your Social Security is simple: they are spending it today. If you were able to invest your money, they would not be able to spend it. It's that simple.

Do you believe the difference goes into the lock box trust fund? Politicians and bureaucrats take it for their retirement. Politicians pay 20%, you pay the other 80%. Now you know why they don't want you to have an individual account. They can't get to it then.

National Service
It is time for every American to serve our country, no exception. Every American should go into national service for 18 months once they turn 18. If you are from Maine, you serve in New Mexico. If you are from Florida, you go to South Dakota or North Dakota. This is the greatest education we could give young Americans. After eight weeks of basic training and 16 months in a choice of military, health care, construction or forestry services, we give four years of tuition to anyone who wants it. There's nothing greater than service to our country.

Census Bureau
Most of us have completed a census report, dutifully checking a box for African American, Hispanic American, Asian American, Caucasian or other. The bottom line is you are either American or you are not - those other identifiers do not mean anything. What disrespect our government has for us! What a waste of money! Our own government uses race bigotry.

This is also simple. Close borders or make it expensive for employers to hire illegal aliens. Issue Social Security Number smart cards that must be carried at all times. National clearing centers could be established to function much like gun checks. America could give illegal aliens 12 months to sign up for a permit to come to the United States once they pass a clearing check. America should also put pressure on Mexico to clean up their outdated social system.

College Tuition
Why does college cost so much? It's simple. Most tuition costs directly fund wages and benefits. Most professors teach just a few days a week, and top administrative jobs are paid over $100,000. No tenure, no sabbatical. Teach at least three hours per day every day. Less administrators and more teachers. Remember that you are born with brain cells–no school has ever created even one brain cell.

The United States graduates more lawyers each year than the combined total of engineers and doctors. America needs engineers and doctors, not more lawyers. A lot of America's brightest and most talented students are choosing a profession that is already saturated. In fact, we should close the law schools for 10 years. Remember, most politicians are lawyers and they are responsible for faults in today's government.

Trade: The Great Give Away
Nothing can be dumber than our government's trade policies. China is a communist nation. Cuba is a communist nation. Which one is a threat to the United States? Yes, it is China, not Cuba. Also, why doesn't our government tell China that if they sell $100 billion to the USA that they must buy at least $80 billion from United States companies? That is more than a fair trade. Another fact: United States companies must compete against government-owned companies. That's nuts. All you intelligent elite, how did West Nile virus get here? Mosquitoes lay their eggs in tires and the tires are shipped to the U.S. But our government stopped fumigating cargo. Also, all our Ash trees are being wiped out by Asian Beetles. West Nile has killed over 1,000 Americans. The cost will be in billions. Why don't the importers pay? Think! It’s us who have to pay, so we subsidize foreign producers to trade here. Those cheap goods are not really cheap, and we lost all those jobs!

Medical Cost
Exempt the whole medical field from malpractice. Set up national doctors standards and use a local certified board to handle malpractice - like Workers Compensation - but make it Federal so that it is uniform. Pull licenses from doctors who make mistakes. Insurance for everyone lowers cost and gives us better health care. Since we are closing the law schools (see "College Tuition") for 10 years, lawyers can find other jobs. Remember, doctors and engineers can save lives, lawyers can only save you if you are on death row.

National Disasters
Government bureaucrats do not work. National disaster relief is a joke. Only military can do it, but politicians don't want to give up control. You get what you voted for and the New Orleans mayor and Louisiana governor didn’t perform. It's that simple.

The majority of our employees agree with most of the above points. They are hard working men and women who manufacture steel wheels and tires for the farm and construction industries. We're proud to make products that move this country.

Take pride, buy American made and owned.

God bless America.

-Morry Taylor
Titan International, Inc.

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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Help our heroes!

We need your help, not your money.
Volunteers are needed in each of the 435 congressional districts to help further this cause. Your political party affiliation doesn't matter, neither does your view regarding the war.

We have ONE MISSION: Support the families of our unsung heroes!

We must send a message to all politicians who don't agree with this important mission! And if need be, defeat them at the polls.

We all owe our freedom to our American heroes and this is the least we can do to show our appreciation to these soldiers and their families!

To volunteer to do your part, click "I'd like to help" on the right.